14 A 2021

Why Pilates?

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Why Pilates?



I had the need of writing this article to share with you my journey and experience in the field of pilates and how I ended up creating my Pilates Strength sessions.


I started Pilates training almost 14 years ago. I started learning the principles of pilates and the right technique in movements as a student in a fitness school. 

Coming from the field of weights in the gym, it was hard for me in the beginning to accept that only bodyweight movements can make my body ‘’feel’’ it. Oh I was so wrong!!!


Few minutes into a proper pilates session and I realized that this kind of training has something so much more unique than the rest. 

I started being so passionate about it that as the time was passing by I became pilate seminar assistant to my fitness school that I was a student and few years later I became a pilates seminar teacher. Going that deep into the details of teaching pilates made me really understand my needs as a body but also my clients’ needs.


Pilates makes you go slow, makes you go step by step, adjust to your client’s needs and control the body through the unique strengths as well as weaknesses.


I realized as the years were passing by with a lot of practice that I love pilates in my own way.

I am not a person that can workout while listening to sounds of water and birds. When I workout, I need to feel I am working out.

Thus, life goes so fast in our days that we need to make the most of our time the safest way.


This is how I started creating the Pilates Strength sessions.

It started with me. I found myself skipping my practice because there was always something coming up.


I said to myself: ‘’If you can only find the way to commit to 30 minutes maximum, that will do it’’ and this is what happened.


30 minutes maximum of good strong pilates and strength movements starting from foundations and reaching a high level of strength.


This is how I created my sessions and this is the philosophy I have overall with myself and my clients.


You can’t get to the gym for 60 minutes, Fine!

You can find 20 to 30 minutes though in your house, right?


We can all make that amount of time in our day, taking that stress out of having to go to the gym and stay for an hour, removing that los of time of back and forth…this is what made a huge change in me and lots of the ladies that are following the sessions at the comfort of their home whenever they want.


We all deserve 30 minutes a day, right?

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