29 C 2017

Human resistance to change

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We all know that eating fruits and veggies is good for our body. The person that has diabetes knows that sugar is not his friend. You would think that a heart disease would make someone start eating healthier and start exercising. It seems like despite knowing what is bad and what is good for us, we tend to continue doing the bad.
The question here is: why? 
Why does the human behavior tend to have this constant resistance to change? Why is it so difficult for us humans to create a different lifestyle, a healthier one for example?
To take care of our body in order to enjoy our life in the long term. 
The fact is, people don’t change out of fear. I repeat: People don’t change out of fear and if they do, it will only last for a while but they will struggle to sustain the change if the reason behind that change comes out of fear only. Constantly trying to achieve a goal out of fear will eventually make you feel exhausted.

Why are we resistant to change?
The power of habit takes over the effort of change. We create habits slowly during our life and we get influenced a lot by our emotions, feelings and environment. We also tend to get uncomfortable by the idea of any change that takes us out of our comfort zone, out of what we have been doing for years. In order to make the changes last we should start looking a little deeper than the surface. What I mean by this is: an advice on how to start eating more veggies and having a bit more steps in your day is great but it can only take you that far. Starting to focus on internal cues and internal motivational factors would help you understand more the reason behind “why to” change rather the “how to”.

Another factor of human resistance to change is that humans need to feel in control, they need to feel the absolute freedom of choice, that the choice of actually changing anything comes from within. The more they feel in control, the more likely the change will be sustainable. It is possible to change, it is possible to create new habits and behavior. My question here is: do you really want to change? Are you willing to put the effort and work towards your goals?

On this subject More to be discussed in upcoming articles. If you are really ready to take that step into real upgrading your life and starting the change towards your goals but you just do not know how and need some guidance, check out my " Habit Creator ”Service.

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