24 A 2021

Body Image - (Normalize

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Body Image - (Normalize "Different".. Celebrate Human Uniqueness!)

Body image is considered to be someone’s thoughts and perceptions about their physical appearance. When you look in the mirror, how do you feel about yourself and your body?(height, shape, body parts, weight?)

When someone is having a positive attitude towards their bodies is when they see their body parts as they really are without their mood being influenced or affected by how they feel towards their body. Positive body image or body positivity is about being comfortable in your own skin, accepting how your physical appearance is in shape and size and recognizing that the physical appearance is not the only trait that defines who you really are. 

On the other side, a negative body image is a distorted idea of someone’s believes towards their body. Body dissatisfaction is associated with stress, anxiety and can reach up to depression and eating disorders if the person is really influenced by how their body looks especially when it is being compared to others. It has been observed that negative body image is related to anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Body image issues are usually starting at a young age and they can grow during the lifetime of the person if they are not properly addressed at some point. There are many reasons why a kid would have concerns about their body such as the influence of the environment like school, friends and their own parents at home. It is not only the social media that can affect the body image of a kid but also their own parents' opinions and comments about them or others, at younger ages we start developing the recognition of things and that includes the definition of “beauty” and “acceptance”. If the parents or the environment are defining a framed scale of beauty standards, the kid will by default and falsely believe in that which leads to self-consciousness in seeking acceptance and fearing rejection.

The bright side in this topic is that lately there has been a positive movement of raising awareness towards the topics of body image, body shaming and eating disorders. People are slowly starting to notice that these are important topics in their lives and even their close environment of friends and family. Body diversity is a normal thing and we should all be part in recognizing it and embracing it. Normalize difference, celebrate human uniqueness! 

We are more than our body and we are all special.
The more you start loving yourself for who you are, the more you will love the outside of your body.

Accept yourself. Love your body!
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