Hi there!

I am Eleni

The Psychologist Fitness Coach


Hello everyone, I would like to start this by telling you
who I am and the reason behind creating this website.

My name is Eleni and I grew up in a village in North Greece. I completed my studies in psychology and fitness in Thessaloniki, Greece and in Wurzburg, Germany. Most of the people know me as a fitness coach but the truth is that I am also a licensed psychologist. My passion for movement was always aligned with the human behavior and how the human brain actually works. Growing in the industry of fitness I did not meet a lot of people focusing on the inside rather than the outside only. I started as a new coach learning about movement. Anything that was coming in front of me, I made sure to absorb it. People around me were trying to tell me that I should stop from fitness and start focusing somewhere else but I chose to keep doing what I was doing knowing deep inside that I will achieve my goals and vision and I was right! 


I have always been and still the kind of person who is hungry
for knowledge and knowing more until mastering it.

Reaching a point in my life where my job as a fitness coach was going really well, I felt that something was missing. I was feeling that people come to me not only for my expertise in movement but for something deeper, for guidance and overall wellness. My initial thought of becoming a coach was not to teach other people but to teach myself how to move. All of the rest as a career in fitness just happened during that. It is more like fitness found me and I just went for it and absolutely loved it. When I teach I find myself the most!

I believe that people deserve to receive the best from me because I was there and I don’t want anyone to feel lost while training or trying to pursue any of their life goals. The last 4 years I went further into psychology and more intensively into focused psychology approaches. I started searching and focusing on how to combine these two parts in my life (fitness & psychology) into a non-traditional way. Human behavior always amazed me and struggling on my own to get over some emotional relationship with food, I came to a realization that I am not the only one out there struggling. Honestly, we are more than what we think we are. If only people would open up and talk about their struggles without the fear of being judged, the world would’ve been a better place. We would feel less alone and more connected!

I created this website as a platform where anyone can achieve their goals in their pursuit of wellness. I want and I know I can bridge the gap between fitness and psychology, between body and mind using evidence-based techniques of human behavior along with physical movement. I hope you will enjoy and find yourself in my online home of wellness and learn something from me. I know that I am constantly learning from my own clients. I am having compassion for anyone who hesitates taking that first step into the gym or just their first step in changing their behavior towards reaching their goals because I have been there once.


Never be afraid to reach out and always know 
you are not alone!

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